Thursday, May 8, 2014

Marital Intimacy

If a couple desires to happily embrace marital intimacy, they should first be willing to communicate with each other regarding past or present issues in a deferential tune, sprinkled with a tea spoon of forgiveness ...

Second, you should
ask the Lord to teach you how to listen more before you rush into drawing unnecessary conclusions that can create more wounds, instead of healing them and the bible also shares this, too  ...  
Colossians 3:19(NLT) - Husbands, love your wives and never treat them harshly.

This may sound a little difficult to swallow, but if you look into your hearts, remember why you both fell in love and also add this concern to your prayer list, then Jesus Christ will assistance you beyond your limits ...
Written by Pastor Nancy Advincola (C)Copy Right 2011 All Rights Reserved

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