Monday, April 22, 2013

2 Red Cups

Anyone that takes a glims at our 2 cups may say to themselves, there's nothing special about them; however my GEM & I know the truth behind those 2 red cups. For us, those 2 cups symbolize our toughest moments and how we over came them with the sweetest gesture. Every time the enemy attempted to knock down the foundation of our unity, my Honey Bunny & I would do the following:
  1. Pray
  2. Hold Hands
  3. Enjoy of cup of coffee, tea or hot coco ...
By doing this, we'd set aside all our troublesome times, the Pity party couldn't jump into effect. Hee Hee Hee ... The LORD used those 2 Red Cups to turn our frowns upside down ... Yea,

Written by Pastor Nancy Advincola (C)Copy Right 2011 All Rights Reserved

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