Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Morning Everyone

My GEM & I just finished 2 of the most interesting books and we wanted to share our point of view with all of you ... Now, my hubby sunk his teeth into a book called The Rich and the Rest of US - A POVERTY MANIFESTO, By Tavis SMILEY + Cornel WEST. This book discusses how 150 million poor and near the poverty rate people/families are living. Not because they wish to; it's based on the damage brought upon due to the Great Recession. The 2 authors share stories and events that will leave you speechless ... It's good to read about how other people are handling the sky rocket rate of an unfair and raising economy ...

As for me, I savored a called Joy Breaks for Couples - Devotions to Celebrate Marriage, By Dr. Larry & Rachael, Paul & Nicole Johnson, Dr. Kevin Leman, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, Gary Smalley, Becky & Roger Tirabassi Dr. Neil Clark Warren. The information and testimonies bring tears to the readers eyes and wisdom to the couples that don't really value the gift from God called marriage ...

My Dominican Danish & I are avid readers, no matter how hot, cold or whether we're feeling under the weather, studying the bible and reading other books is another marital activity we share as a couple and our 4 studies sons have also joined our book club, too ...

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